Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What are some crazy/really weird/ unusual facts about El Salvador?

And I found the following answer(s) to my question on the World Wide Web, including but not limited to:

1) There's a Ghost in El Salvador called La Siguanaba. Well there are a lot of ghosts in El Salvador.
We also have El Cipitio (la Siguanaba's son)
2) El Duende(a) (he/she falls in love with attractive people and stalks them all day and annoys them but only YOU can see him/her, nobody else.)
3) El Cadejo (there's a good one and a bad one I think, it's basically a black or a white animal that appears to you, one means you're going to be ok and one means something bad is going to happen)
4) La Careta Chillona (Old as a Carriage with squeaky wheels that makes you crazy if you hear it, it comes out late at night when people are sleeping)
5) El Griton (its a guy that comes out and YELLS really loudly like somebody is killing him. I had a cousin that said that she heard el Griton before, that it sounded like he was right outside of the house screaming)
6) La Mano Peluda (this is a myth in many other countries, not just El Salvador. If you go to sleep in a hammock, la mano peluda starts to swing you really hard until you fall and you become crazy. Something like that)

and then a few more mundane facts.....
1) There are more El Salvadorians in Houston than there are El Salvadorians in El Salvador.
2) In Nejapa there is an annual tradition of throwing fire balls at each other.

Test Run.....

Well, here is the first post of the fabulous new blog PPDs and Palm Trees, coming Live to you from a rather PPD and Palm tree-ridden place, New Orleans. This is the travel blog of MagicTeapot and her friend, MagicCarpet. We are two medical students and good friends almost finished with the long trajectory of medical school and we have chosen to spend one of our last elective months in El Salvador. We are leaving in two weeks and we don't really know our itinerary yet. Ooops. Well more on that later. This blog will include daily musings, photos, and anecdotes of our month down South. Check back in two weeks for our first entries!!!!